Freelance WordPress Consultant and Technician

Freelance WordPress Consultant and Technician

Website Maintenance

My Content Editing and Maintenance Service (includes: software updates, added pages w/content, blog posts, image uploads, etc) is billed in 1/2 Hour Blocks. 1 Block covers approximately 800-1000 words and includes checking formatting on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Tablet, and Mobile.

WordPress Development

WordPress Site Development will be quoted at either a flat or hourly rate. I will install and personalize your chosen Theme and requested Plugins, input your Text and Image content, and walk you through it’s upkeep. Every site is unique, so your quote will be customized to fit your needs.

DIY Assistance

I really enjoy helping someone build, and learn to maintain, their own website. With the tools available these days, a little guidance, and a little patience, most people are capable of doing it themselves. Having some help will save you alot of time and frustration along the way.

Although I focus mainly on WordPress I can also assist you with: Shopify Store Development and Integration, Wix Site Building, and a few other platforms. Whatever your project may be I’m ready to help you get it done! Allow me the opportunity to earn your business.

These are links to my affiliates. I use these products and services personally, and highly recommend them! You can read why I chose them in the Tips posts below. If you choose to go the same direction using my links would be greatly appreciated! I’ll take all the support I can get! 🙂

These are links to my affiliates. I use these products and services personally, and highly recommend them! You can read why I chose them in the Tips posts below. If you choose to go the same direction using my links would be greatly appreciated! I’ll take all the support I can get! 🙂


I finally did a deep dive on available hosting and landed on Siteground as being the best all around option for me. The servers are EXTREMELY fast, Cpanel interface , great packages and pricing, and their customer service is second to none. Signup is quick and easy, and if you contact me I will walk you thru it free of charge.


Although there are some good standalone options(like woocommerce) I prefer the security of routing online financial transactions through an established ecommerce solution like Shopify. And with Shopify’s Buy Button app you can embed entire catalogs in your own pages. Even with their least expensive subscription.


Elegant Themes have done a great job with Divi. It is my favorite Builder, as well as my favorite Theme. Tons of options but easy to use and quick to pick up for beginners.  They have a ton of templates, themes, and a few awesome plugins for free when you buy Divi also. The lifetime subscription option is a HUGE plus for developers.

Heads Up People!

Support for PHP 7.0 ended earlier this month, and support for PHP 5.6 ends Dec. 31st, 2018. That means no more security updates/patches, bug fixes, etc.!!! Hosts, Developers, and Website owners: If you haven't updated to PHP 7.1 or newer this should be your top, and...

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Even during the time that I wasn't actively woking with coding I set a few single page html sites up for friends over the years. I was with GoDaddy for a long time, and while problems will arise with any hosting, I was less than satisfied with their customer service...

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WordPress Page Builders

I’ve spent some time with Divi, Elementor, and Beaver Builders and my personal preference at this point is the Divi Builder. I also really like working with the Divi Theme. Elegant Themes has a TON of  other themes available, and some great Plugins as well.  Elementor...

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Web Design Choices

In this day and age you will likely have at least half, if not more, of your traffic viewing your website on Tablets or Mobile Phones. I recommend making reactivity a top priority when choosing your design. If you have a good amount of content break it up into...

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Probably the most awesome thing I found when getting back into programming was how many outstanding tutorials are floating around this kooky little place we call the internetz. Here are a some links to a few people who REALLY helped me to get rolling: Check out Adam...

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Who I am and why I’m here.

     Once upon a time, 20+ years ago…., I was fascinated with programming. When I wasn’t working my day job, or filling my “Family Time” quota, I was on my computer learning by doing: Visual Basic, PHP, MySql, etc.. As my daughter got older, started school, etc. my time with her became somewhat limited. I made a conscious effort to get off of my PC to be Dad and Husband as much as possible. The computer time dwindled to some online gaming after the family went to sleep. It was actually a pretty damn happy existence.

     Of course, time goes on and things change. My daughter grew up and went to college, my work responsibilities changed, and I found myself with alot more time on my hands. The majority of my time the past 6 or 7 years has been spent hanging with the wife, gaming, and watching too much TV. I even played guitar in a local band for about 5 years. It sounds great in theory but man it gets boring! I decided I needed to change things up, feed my head, and try to be more productive.

     I remember how much fun I had and the sense of accomplishment I got from building web sites for people, so I started researching getting back into programming. WOW how things have changed…. I made the assumption that what knowledge I did have was still floating around in my brain, waiting to be called upon. But alas…. even if it is still in there it’s woefully outdated and apparently the neural pathways leading to it died a slow death long ago. Everything seemed so foreign that I was close to abandoning the idea and then I stumbled across WordPress. It reminded me of PHPNuke from back in the Stone Age. I dove right in. With alot of help from 2 of my dearest friends, Google and YouTube, I was able to start “learning by doing” again. Anyway…. this story has dragged on long enough.

     Now, I’m a Mid-Level WordPress Consultant with at least Entry-Level experience in most aspects of web development. I’m still learning something new pretty much every day while doing something that I truly love to do. I guarantee my customers (hopefully you will be one of them) will receive a reasonable price, my full attention, a higher level of customer service than they are accustomed to, and will benefit from my determination to succeed. I really hope we get to work together.



Jeff Summitt